10 Ways to Know Someone Will Be Your Bestie Forever Is Your Best Pal the Bomb? Let’s See!

How do you know if your bud has truly reached BFF (best friend forever) status? These signs spell it out.

1. You have at least 5 inside jokes that still make you explode with laughter at any given moment.
The older the inside jokes, the better.

2. He or she has filled out this journal for you.
And it has made you tear up at least three times while reading and re-reading it.

Bestie for Life - Knock Knock Blog
“I’d be lost without your friendship (and hand to hold when we scale mountains together).”

3. Chatting about banal, mundane things is still amusing.
Even if you only Skype and/or call this person every few months, you tend to talk about nothing in particular, and that’s always more than enough.

Bestie for Life - Knock Knock Blog
BFFs go to the library together.

4. This person has an anti-down-in-the-dumps kit for days that need it most.
Equipped with a smorgasbord of your favorite snacks coupled with TV-binge-ready pajama pants.

5. Your friend has seen (and not judged) you when you’ve been in hot-mess mode.
This person pulled your hair back after you’ve had one too many mojitos, and only laughed slightly when you got that weird flower tattoo.

6. You have a soulmates’ pact in song form.
You two have a song that binds your friendship together. Multiple songs, even. And you would immediately sing them on karaoke with him or her, if given the chance.

7. You’ve taken at least one ussie together.
Though you or your BFF may or may not be ussie enthusiasts, you’re not embarrassed to have taken and/or posted multiple ussies.

Bestie for Life - Knock Knock Blog
BFFs contemplate life by the sea.

8. Your friendship dynamic could easily morph into a fan-favorite on-screen duo.
She or he is the Watson to your Sherlock Holmes, the Ann to your Leslie, the Jerry to your Elaine. (Go start a YouTube channel already!)

9. They call you on your birthday.
This is huge. HUGE.

10. You can trust this person with your streaming TV app passwords and vice-versa.
Your login info is most sacred. Only true best friends are worthy to have them.

Have more to add to the list? Share it with us in a comment.

Also, Best Friend’s Day is June 8. Yes, it’s an actual made-up holiday and yes you should get your bestie a gift.