$11 Knock Knock Products For 11/11/11 The Mayans Didn’t Say Today’s The End of the World, Right?

Our most popular $11 item: Flashcards. Slang, Foodie, Parenting, and Corporate.

First and foremost, it’s Veteran’s Day, so we’re keeping the soldiers in our minds. (We were also going to say hearts, but didn’t want to come off as too cheeseball on a Friday.) Furthermore, there’s so much going on today elsewhere, we feel like we should have that “How Bizarre” by OMC song on blast.

According to this Washington Post article, people are going completely bananas because it’s 11/11/11. Plenty of couples are tying the knot (we can expect lots of newborns come August), metal fans will turn their amps up to eleven (a la This Is Spinal Tap), nerds are celebrating binary code, and a massive number of clever-thinking writers are overusing “one” puns.

But we get it. We’re not very superstitious here at Knock Knock, however, since this day only happens once in a century, you can’t help but jump on the bandwagon and feel a tad numerological.

Our second most popular $11 item: How to Traumatize Your Children.

For instance, it is a bit odd that we have three types of items that cost $11 on our website. Could the three categories represent the day, month, and year, perhaps? Is this a coincidence, or did our sales team actually plan this all along because they are secretly hyped up for this very day? (We’re sure it’s the former.)

Here are the items that are $11: (In order of popularity, via Google Analytics.)

1. Flashcards. Our variety of flashcards caters to the diction-hungry people who know a cunning gift when they see one. As you may guess, our Slang Flashcards are the token favorite, but the people getting hitched on this date should really start thinking about investing in our Parenting Flashcards.

2. How to Traumatize Your Children. Could this be, again, in relation to the couples getting married today? Does this book foreshadow their future?!

Our third most popular $11 item: the Paper Mousepad.

3. Paper Mousepads. The 5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad trumps the Information Central Paper Mousepad in popularity. They keep you on track nonetheless.

Allow this $11-$11-$11 happenstance marinate in your heads. Lastly, we didn’t get the day off. So, those with a three-day weekend, enjoy it!