11 Times Teachers Made Us Laugh Our Asses Off

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Class is back in session! While most students get their back-to-school groove on, let’s not forget the awesome, badass educators who inspire us and demand your respect—especially these teachers. All have A+ senses of humor and deserve a Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever gift book.

1. “Wazamata,” Kids?
Elementary school teacher Joe Dombrowski went viral when he decided to celebrate April Fools a few days early with a pseudo spelling-test that left his students endearingly baffled.


2. Never Gonna Give (The Actual Answers)
Imagine cramming for an exam and having the correct answers right at your fingertips. This sly professor “Rick Rolled” students while testing their honesty.

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3. Homework Doodles
This teacher transformed mindless student drawings on worksheets into irreverent masterpieces. Kudos to this Michaelangelo of classroom trolling.

Teacher Doodles - Knock Knock Blog
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4. Grammar Is Everything
If you’re planning on writing a scathing letter to your English teacher, make sure your spelling and grammar are on point. Otherwise, reap what you sow, students.

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5. A Substitute Story
One way to keep your classroom in line is to take a page out of Key and Peele’s book. This teacher did, and it seemed to work wonders.

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6. Math Class Tricks
Biola University math professor Matthew Weathers’s impressive classroom prank videos put him on the YouTube map. We could learn a thing or two from his awesome Adobe Premiere wizardry.


7. Artistic Infamy
We’ll give this art teacher top marks for putting this student on blast while still judging his or her work fairly. But seriously, out of all the characters you could draw, why Jar Jar Binks?

Jar Jar Artwork Teacher - Knock Knock Blog
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8. Trash-Can Truths
This is someone who does not take shit from anyone, especially students with excuses. Tardy assignments belong in the garbage.

Trash Can Funny - Knock Knock Blog
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9. Can You Hear Me Now?
There’s a sage saying for teachers regarding students who text during class. It’s something like: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I’ll hammer your fucking phone to the wall.”

Funny Teacher Phone - Knock Knock Blog
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10. Homeroom Hilarity
We applaud this teacher’s clever way of incorporating hot dance moves into lesson plans. We would expect her to also work “The Dab” into future assignments.

Homeroom Hilarity - Knock Knock Blog
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11. How to Make a Profit
Why not add a little bribery to outweigh the open-house nerves? This opportunistic teacher certainly gives students affordable deals.

Open House Teacher - Knock Knock Blog
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