2014 in Review: Plumb, A Million All Out Of Pads Sold, and LA Weekly Thinks I’m Fascinating Head Honcho Hello for December 2014

Jen Bilik

I’ve always been a fan of the new year. Not New Year’s Eve, which, like Valentine’s Day, is classic over-promise and under-deliver. “New Year, New You” takes it too far, because when have you ever gotten to be “new” for real? Wherever you go, there you are, right? But there’s something a little more attainable: the symbolic opportunity to look both back and forward, to gather yourself, take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for successes, leave behind failures, and anticipate clean-slate-ish opportunities—I like that.

When I look back at Knock Knock’s 2014, here’s what I see:

  • Plumb Notebooks
    Our sister brand, Plumb, launched in March. Stay tuned for our third release, Spring 2015, coming to stores and our website soon!

    We reached the 1 million sales mark on our All Out Of Pad, the first time we’ve ever sold 1 million of any one thing! A million! That’s one 1 and six 0s! And two commas! And to celebrate, you voted in a new color: green.

  • We launched a new brand of which I am exceedingly proud, Plumb, a line of artist-designed journals and notebooks that banish the blah, boring black. Plumb has truly been my labor of love this year, and love it I do.
  • I was featured among L.A. Weekly’s 60 Most Fascinating People. Which maybe makes up for the fact that I lost out on my high school’s Best Personality contest senior year. Is it embarrassing and/or conceited that I still feel robbed 27 years later?
  • Our Fill-in-the-Blank Journals took over the world with their personalizable giftability—we have been delighted with their success, and people’s notes to us about how they’ve touched their recipients.
  • We started an exciting online-only way to test new products in small, limited-edition runs, Knock Knock Percolator. The first release was mugs, now almost sold out.

When I look forward to Knock Knock’s 2015, I anticipate:

  • The Knock Knock Party
    Hanging out with the kick-ass Knock Knock team at our holiday party, this year at the esteemed Cock ‘N’ Bull, complete with karaoke, pool, darts, and a photo booth.

    Celebrating our amazing team more, and creating additional opportunities to get in sync with one another and grow our knowledge and creativity. Our intrepid 35 are just about the best people you’d want to meet—or work with.

  • Oh, the new products. So many, so great. Both Knock Knock and Plumb. Would you believe that we’ve already sent most of Fall 2015 to manufacturing? Which means, basically, that 2015 is already over for us. Weird.
  • Connecting more with all you like-minded souls on Facebook, Instagram, and all the other newfangled ways to communicate, and hearing any and all of your feedback about what we’re doing.

I really hope that you are able to take a moment to look back at 2014 and celebrate your own successes and life lessons as well as map out what you’d like to bring into your life for 2015. It’s a really helpful, hopeful, thoughtful pause to take.

Happy new year from Knock Knock to you!