2018: Phew or Phuck?

Phew or Phuck intention tracker side by side

Happy first-day-back-at-2018 school! Or, as we adults call it, WORK.

I think almost all can agree that 2017 was a challenge on many levels, whether personal, professional, national, or global. And the poll we did on Facebook bears that out: 76% said “Phew” to 2017 being over, while only 24% said “Phuck.” That’s even lower than Trump’s approval rating, which, of course, is the lowest in polling history (cf. national and global challenges).

To make things a little better, we offered you catharsis (or help making your Phew/Phuck decision, adapted from first pad ever, the 2003 classic Pro-Con) and a scientifically proven way to make 2018 better—by setting your 2018 intentions day by day. For one week, they’ll be up on our blog for download. (If the first-person is throwing you off, it’s still me, Knock Knock head honcho Jen Bilik.)

Downloads for personal, individual use only. Do not duplicate elsewhere. Both are copyright Knock Knock. So there.

UPDATE: Downloads are no longer available. We hope our printable helpers were helpful.