5 Awesome Grammar Burns in Honor of National Grammar Day! High-Fives for These Fixes

Knock Knock has always been a proud grammar-skills advocate. For National Grammar Day, we dove into the black hole of Twitter and found several shining moments when grammar amusingly prevailed.

1. “Your” versus “you’re”
Even NBA stars and fans can’t escape the wrath incurred by improper grammar.


2. “To” versus “too”
If you plan on insulting someone, make sure you have proper word usage. This Trump supporter did not take such precautions.


3. “There” versus “their”
If you choose to support someone who spews tasteless Tweets, at least make sure your grammar is correct.


4. “Whose” versus “who’s”
Twitter user Grammar Police corrects incoming Tweets of other users in real time. @GrammarPolice has evolved into our beacon of hope.


5. Proofread the professionals
Take a well-deserved bow, @Awsm_Mom.

To all the grammarians out there: continue to do great work with your red pens, grammar checklists, and syntax morals.

What are your grammar pet peeves? Tell us in a comment.