5 Funny Flowcharts to Help You Make Very Important Life Decisions Don’t Trust Your Conscience, Trust These Flowcharts

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Life’s tough—we get it. Knock Knock has your back with flowcharts to help answer your burdensome (and not-so-burdensome) questions. Spend the next few minutes consulting these charts from Consequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts for Life’s Bigger Questions to gain perspective, or at the very least, some pseudoscientific insight.

1. Do I Hate My Job?
If your workday feels like it’s moving at a slug’s speed, use this flowchart to gauge if you’re actually happy with your profession. Tip: You should probably not have this flowchart pulled up on your screen at work.

Do I Hate My Job Flowchart - Knock Knock Blog

2. Am I watching Game of Thrones or Gilmore Girls?
We wouldn’t dare mix these two fan-favorite shows up—but do you? Here’s a way to figure out if you’re in Westeros or Stars Hollow.

Game of Thrones Flowchart - Knock Knock Blog

3. Can I Lie On My Online Dating Profile?
It’s easy to swipe right and swipe left, but should you bend your online dating morals just this once? White lies aren’t so bad.

Online Dating Profile Flowchart - Knock Knock Blog

4. Should I Leave the Country?
It’s easy to cut and run when we’re in a state of distress. But don’t Google “how to immigrate to Canada” just yet.

Should I Leave the Country Flowchart - Knock Knock Blog

5. What Pet Should I Get?
Pets are basically kids who can’t talk back to you. Before you seek out your forever friend, consult this chart first.

Should I Get A Pet Flowchart - Knock Knock Blog

Need more help with solving life’s most challenging (and not so challenging) quandaries? See more handy flowcharts for irreverent decisions and bigger decisions.

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  1. I find these flowcharts very humorous and fun. I can relate to some of the flowcharts especially the one with “what pet should I get”.

    — John on

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