5 Internship Must-Haves From Functional To Fun

September is nearing fast, and for summer interns like me, that means abandoning the real world in favor of dorm rooms and cafeteria food for fall semester.  Although this internship season is coming to a close, it’s never too early to begin searching for desktop necessities for your next position!


As Knock Knock’s Social Media Marketing Intern, I am naturally the authority on all things internship-related. Here are my five picks for any internship:

1. Perhaps the most daunting task for interns is decision-making: “Should I print this memo double-sided?” “How should I sign this email?” “Do I have to ask to use the restroom?” With our Hand-Lettered Make A Decision Pad you’ll solve these dilemmas in a jiffy!


2. Don’t let your workload overwhelm you! Get work done days in advance, or procrastinate, with our Days of the Week Sticky Note Packet.


3. At any internship, organization is key. Prioritize your work with our handy dandy Now / Later Perforated Pad.

Knock Knock Now / Later Perforated Pad


4. Don’t let your coworkers intimidate you with their insider lingo. With our Rotating Office Jargon Stamp, you’ll be speaking their language in no time!


5. Most importantly, you’ll want to document every day of your experience. But who has time to write more than one word? Not us! With our One Word a Day Journal, you won’t have to!


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