5 Moves to Up Your High Five Game Never Leave Someone Hanging Ever Again

5 Moves to Up Your High Five Game - Knock Knock Blog

Written by the Hand & Knuckle Society, authors of The High Five Handbook: The Secret guide to Shakes, Bumps, Slaps & Other Gesticulations.

You probably did not realize you had a High Five Game. Well, you do. We all do: some have mad skills, other have jack squat. It’s everyone’s innate ability to consistently slap with style and grace. Or, tragically, leave someone hanging.

That’s where we come in. We are a secret society that believes in the power of the pound and the sanctity of the shake. We also believe everyone can upgrade their “up highs” with a little learning. So here are five different spins on the traditional high five you can break out for your next very important greeting.*

For more ways to improve your High Five Game, just check out our book.

*Obviously, in our book, all greetings are very important.