5 Ways to Procrastinate with Purpose in the Office A List for Self-Improvement Month

If all else fails, just use this Procrastination Pen.

September is National Self-Improvement Month, and while we’re not expertly equipped to tell you exactly how you can improve your own specific habits (although, we do have a book to assist you in that realm), we can help you fine-tune one suboptimal routine we all embrace—procrastination. After all, Knock Knock was founded by a productive procrastinator. And we did procrastinate writing this post for the entirety of this month. Nevertheless, keep these morsels in mind next time you’re looking to put-off whatever you really should be doing:

1. Stop what you’re doing and journal. Pick up a pen, clear your head, and don’t look back. Actually, maybe you should look back. Like, over your shoulder. The last thing you need is your boss watching you pull out a My Pet Peeves journal and bitch about the latest toilet-paper-replacement office conundrum while you’re supposed to write-up that report by noon. According to Forbes, journaling is the key to self-productivity. It de-clutters your mind, so you can focus on the real project at-hand.

2. Laugh it up. Snickering is the cheapest antidote to a crappy day, plus it’s a solid stress reliever. We hope you’re at least getting a daily dose of funny into that membrane of yours. Next time your coworker chastises you for surfing the Funny Sub-Reddit, tell him or her that you’re doing it for your health. Technically, that’s not lying.

We walk these streets to clear our minds.

3. Walk around a block or two. When it comes to taking a break outdoors, working in Venice spoils you. It’s a commonality around our office to stroll outside our domicile and walk around the neighborhood with a comrade. Even if you don’t have the bright sun, the cool breeze, the adorable outdoor cats that we inadvertently see climb into sidewalk drainages, get up and walk around anyway. Or you can do these awkward exercises at your desk and tell us how that goes.

4. When browsing, go beyond pet videos. It’s easy to get sucked into what’s raging online at the moment, what with all the cat gifs, twerking vids, twerking-cat gifs vid that’s flooding our feeds into thy kingdom come. But don’t forget about the mentally-stimulating content that’s out there and should be added to your RSS feed. Alongside your favorite news publications, sites like Brain Pickings, Mental Floss, Listverse, or Lifehacker are good places to start quenching your curious thirst for tidbits to share at the water cooler.

Write someone a note of encouragement. Or a Michael Jackson note of encouragement, like this one by our production artist,Will.

5. Pass on the positive. If you’re bored and can’t summon your will power to get back on task, write a quick, upbeat note to someone in your building. Compliment them on paper with why he or she deserves candy, a high-five, or an encouraging fortune. Or you can throw a paper airplane with a message from the King of Pop like our production artist did. That’s positively alright.

Do you have any tips on procrastinating to share? Tell us in a comment.

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