7 Easy Ways to Keep in Touch with Long-Distance Friends

Ways To Maintain Long Distance Friendship - Knock Knock Blog

Whoever said “absence makes the heart grow fonder” really meant “absence makes you ugly cry while watching The Crown because your bestie’s Royal-family obsessed—and does she even miss you?”

Learning how to keep in touch with friends lives in the annals of adulthood. It’s maybe not as pivotal as deciding to quit your job but takes priority over trying to crack your mom’s HBO GO® password. These tips should help keep your best-friend status intact.

1. Spike Your Skype Dates
Add adult beverages to your Skype catch-ups or Google Hangouts. Iced-coffee, LaCroix, red wine, or an old-fashioned or two—drink the refreshment you both frequent when together and whatever suits the vibe. For the party hearty, host an online “Power Hour” for a tipsy night-in with your crew.

2. Send Some Unexpected Love
Let ’em know you miss their face by snail mailing a sweet (but not saccharine) little something when they least expect it. A simple postcard should do the trick—we can recommend a few witty ones. Or, go straight-up thoughtful with a “personalized” parcel from Greetabl.

3. Go (Book) Clubbin’
Join an online book club with your bestie. Goodreads has a colossal collection of book groups to choose from—including Oprah’s Book Club and Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf feminist reading club. Or, the two of you can start your own catered to your interests (a book-to-movie club, anyone?). For a fun membership perk, send your friend a pack of our Bookmark Pads and keep one for yourself.

But really, does it?

4. Create the Ultimate Playlist
Remember all the times the two of you belted one-hit wonders in the car? Share audio mementos with a collaborative Spotify playlist. While relishing classics, you can also add new tracks and artists to boost your moods. It’ll feel like an everlasting mix CD you won’t scratch up.

5. Get Matching (Temporary) Tattoos
Create your own customized temporary tattoo for a bolder take on the friendship bracelet. Momentary Ink lets you design a tat for less than $20 and Tattly has a vast assortment of artsy sets to choose from. Be sure to snap and share a “newly inked” selfie with your BFF.

6. Binge Shows Together
Who better to binge-watch Broad City with than your bestie? Use sites like Rabbit to share your streaming screen with each other and chat simultaneously. Cinephiles could also establish virtual movie nights.

Stream Shows with Your Bestie - Knock Knock Blog
Bestie who binge together, stay together.

7. Countdown to Your Next Adventure
Nothing beats face-to-face time with your best pal. Always set a date for when you’ll see each other next. Then, use a live timer to see how many days, minutes, and seconds you have left until you’re reunited. It will feel so good.

How to do you keep in touch with your besties living around the world? Share with us in a comment.