Bring Your Kids to Work Day: 7 Favorite Moments Some of Us are Parents too, You Know

Bring Your Kids to Work Day - Knock Knock Blog

Kids ranging in ages one to 13 years old, ran amok around the office during Knock Knock’s first-ever Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Our head honcho, Jen, created, planned, and led the programming for the day from start to finish. Yes, we had a rollicking good time, and yes, we’re still tired from the day’s adventures. Explore a few of our favorite moments below.

Jen Citation - Knock Knock Blog
Jen, our head honcho, shares her Awesome Citation with Ari, our editor and marketing writer Rebecca’s son. Thank you for planning a fun-filled day, Jen!

1. Kids learned WTF each department does all day
Department heads, including product development, editorial, design, production, manufacturing, sales, customer service, operations, marketing, and digital—whew—gave a quick summary of what his or her team does at Knock Knock. Whether or not the kids understood the ins and outs, they at least pretended they did.

Production Bring Your Kids to Work Day - Knock Knock Blog
Shane (far right), production manager, explains how the Production team preps design files for the Manufacturing team.
Bring Your Kids to Work Day - Knock Knock Blog
Craig (far left), publisher, talks about Knock Knock’s product development process, including coming up with product ideas.

2. Reading Silly Words Flashcards out loud
Who knew “monkeyshines” was a word and that it was oh-so funny?

Silly Words Flashcards - Knock Knock Blog
Our Editorial Director, Megan, let the kids choose a Silly Words Flashcard.

3. The Knock Knock logo got a very hip facelift
Our marketing designer, Janet, added patterns to our logo so it could be used as a coloring sheet. Do you think we’ve found our next Knock Knock catalog cover design?

Knock Knock Logo Coloring - Knock Knock Blog
Our Manufacturing Director, Elyse, and her daughter Millie work on a drawing together. (That’s her other daughter, Willa, in the back corner.) Check out the Knock Knock logo colored in!

4. Ping pong tournament time
The kids went to head to head while playing a longtime Knock Knock pastime.

Kids Ping Pong - Knock Knock Blog
Really great form!

5. Filling out Fill in the Love® items
Knock Knock parents helped their kids fill in the love with pages printed from our Fill in the Love® journals. Many of the kids gave their Fill in the Love gifts to their moms and dads and we’re sure said moms and dads cried from all the sweetness.

Fill in Love Message - Knock Knock Blog
Rayden (far right) had some help with writing a Fill in the Love® message for her dad, Paul, one of our customer service dudes (shown left).

6. Introducing Love Letter to the next generation of tabletop players
Yamil, our manufacturing coordinator and game-board extraordinaire, introduced the kiddos to Love Letter, a card game that everyone should play if they have 15 minutes to kill. It’s very fun, addictive, and they loved it.

Love Letter - Knock Knock Blog
Playing Love Letter: Batman.

7. I scream, you scream, we all screamed for Salt and Straw.
We ventured to Salt & Straw, an ice cream parlor a few blocks away on Abbot Kinney. As you may have guessed, we were asked multiple times if we were a camp.

Salt and Straw Fun - Knock Knock Blog
Afternoon outing to Salt & Straw. Everyone gets ice cream!

Our editor-at-large, Jamie, captured this sweet moment—when we all walked back and looked like a softball team who just won a game.

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Not on the list, but still memorable: Beginning the day by telling bad Knock Knock jokes, the kids sharing what they wanted to be when they grow up, and finding this Inner-Truth™ Journal marketing sticker on a piece of office artwork. Hmm, now who could have done it . . .

Separation of Church and State - Knock Knock Blog
A kid “decorated” this piece with a Knock Knock sticker. What a surprise.

Now when’s Bring Your Furkid to Work Day?