7 Ways to Help You Stay Productive AF This Fall

Get ready to break out the boots, blankets, and pumpkin lattés—fall’s almost here. But don’t go into post-summer hibernation mode just yet. These picks and tricks are worth investing in to beat sluggishness and boost productivity.

1. Choose the Right Baggage
Size-down your closet and only store two to three bags that serve your busy lifestyle. For campus and work off-sites, use a comfy backpack. But lean on a sizeable weekender for last-minute weekend trips out of town. LeSportsac carries a standout collection of lightweight nylon backpacks, weekenders, and roomy cosmetic bags that will last you through forever and a day.

LeSportsac_Bag - Knock Knock Blog
Via LeSportsac

2. List It Up
Refresh your desk and workspace with handy lists and notepads that will keep your to-dos in check throughout all facets of your day. Have checklists planned for weekly meal prep, project managing, and personal errands—and actually use them! Knock Knock’s Bookmark Pads also help keep notes on track for each of your autumn reads.

Knock Knock Action Items Note Pad
Via Knock Knock

3. Adopt a “Do Not Disturb” Routine
Enable Do Not Disturb settings on your phone (here are how-tos for iPhones and Androids). This will cut distraction time spent on random group texts and going down social-media black holes. Also, if you’re oh-so bold, set up an indicator light on your desk, and to reduce office interruptions. (You are a serious badass if you do the latter.)

Via Mia Baker on Unsplash

4. Choose Your Caffeine Wisely
Drinking caffeine (along with having a healthy diet) can help boost your memory and thinking skills. Make it a priority to sip on good-quality coffee or tea. One of our favorites brands is Groundwork Coffee Co., who offers monthly coffee subscriptions while to ensure your pantry stays stocked with the tasty stuff. Caffeine addicts should accessorize with a leak-proof travel mug, like this one.

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Via Groundwork Coffee Co.

5. Get a Library Card (and Actually Use It)
According to The Atlantic, two-thirds of Americans have library cards—do you? Take advantage of your library’s digital resources (especially if you’re lazy): rent eBooks, magazines, music, and stream shows and movies on your smartphone or tablet. Also, if you need access to a printer or scanner, grab your loose change and head to the library to print stuff. For the library lovers out there, you’ll want to shop Out Of Print’s Library collection, because duh. (You’ll also want to check out our Personal Library Kit.)

OutofPrint_Pins - Knock Knock Blog
Library Card and Stamp Enamel Pin Set Via Out of Print

6. Listen to the Right Music
Music can instantly improve your mood, concentration, and creative chops. When working on a project, avoid music with lyrics (which can easily distract) and stick to lyricless music and instrumental playlists. Also, why not try video-game soundtracks? Whatever non-intrusive melodies you choose, make sure to use a pair of trusty headphones. Water-resistant wireless earbuds like Skybuds easily syncs up to your devices and can do wonders for your workload.

Skybuds - Knock Knock Blog
Via Skybuds

7. Start “Deskercising”*
It’s a no-brainer that exercise boosts your energy and efficiency, and sitting at a desk all day remains counterproductive. Stability balls help improve your posture and alleviate back pain, but we also suggest keeping your legs moving with a pedal exerciser like the DeskCycle. (It looks questionable, but its reviews don’t lie.) Also, try these desk workouts the next time you’re burning the midnight oil.

KeepMoving - Knock Knock Blog
Via Knock Knock

*This mash-up term made us roll our eyes too.

Any go-to items that keep you on track? Tell us in a comment.

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