826LA’s Book Release Party Thumbs-Up for "A Fireplace with a Cold Fire In It"

The 826LA Mar Vista's "A Fireplace with Cold Fire in It" book release party. It was a crowded house! (Photo courtesy of 826LA)

In our Read Across America post, we mentioned one of our favorite orgs, 826LA, a literary and creative writing nonprofit with a branch down the street from Knock Knock headquarters.

An 826LA student reads his story aloud. (Photo courtesy of 826LA)

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending 826LA Mar Vista’s book release party for A Fireplace with a Cold Fire In It, a paperback filled with Denver-inspired vignettes, poems, and short stories—all written by kids who all deserve high-fives. The Denver theme stemmed from the city’s 80206 area code. But we appreciated how the kids went above and beyond in the creativity department with their final story concepts. (Why stick to just the Mile High City when you can write about vampires, your love for donuts, or wanting to nap at the farmer’s market?) If you want your own copy, it’s only $5 here

During the party, writers read their own stories aloud in front of a full room, which takes a level of courage that’s rare to find at such a young age. So bravo to all and thanks to the 826LA folks—Carolyn, Birte, and the whole Mar Vista crew—for being great host and hostesses! It really was bracing to be around buzzing minds and roars and roars of infectious laughter.

Glad the 826LA students loved our “This . . . or That?” Activity Book!

Likewise, we’re thrilled the young wordsmiths were excited to receive their own copy of the This . . . or That? Activity Book. We got word that the students are already bringing theirs in to use for fun writing prompts. Seriously, our heart is feeling overly warmish.

Thank you again to 826LA for having us and we’re oh-so happy we got to share in celebrating these young writers’ fantastic achievement!