9 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Gummy Bears


Calling all gummy-bear lovers: If your enthusiasm with this candy staple even slightly compares to The Gummy Bear Book author and photographer Dan Golden’s obsession, we’re glad you’ve stumbled onto this list. Tap into gummy bears’ crafty, tipsy, and even scholarly potential.

1. Make Homemade Lip Balm
This easy-to-make balm looks delicious enough to eat and would be a perfect gift for the sweet-tooth addicts in your life. You’ll need a lip-balm case, Vaseline, a gummy bear, and a passion for gummies.


2. Use Them as a Productivity Tool
Bribe Reward yourself with gummy bears. If you’re having a hard time getting through your to-do list, put a gummy next to each task. Or, if you need to get through a boring read, place a gummy on each paragraph and eat them as you go.

Gummy Bears To Do List - Knock Knock Blog
Success can be more easily attained when sugar’s involved.

3. Create An Edible Fidget Spinner
Distract yourself and impress friends simultaneously with a fidget spinner made of gummies. This confectionery gummy bear DIY will keep your sugar rush going, while also helping you de-stress.


4. Get Gummy-Bear Drunk
You may or may not have already discovered this trick in college, but there are plenty of recipes for “drunk” gummy bears. You can soak gummy bears with vodka, rum, beer, wine, champagne, or even turn them into shots.

Drunk Gummy Bears - Knock Knock Blog
Gummy bears soaked in alcohol is a recipe for intoxication.

5. Blow Them Up
Turn your gummy bears into an explosively-cool science experiment. Gummy bears combined with potassium chlorate, plus fire, results in an awesome spectacle. Gummy volcano, anyone?


7. Commission A Portrait
Etsy artist Melissa Rachel Black will custom-make a portrait completely out of gummy bears. Using a fresh Impressionistic approach, these works of art are both delicious and dignified.

Via Etsy

6. Make a Kitschy Lamp
Glue gummies to a lampshade and you’ve got yourself bright, retro home décor. Spoiler alert: this project is not for the impatient. Also, if this lamp is way too bold for your taste, try gummy-bear coasters instead.


8. Explain Various Forms of Government
Reenact different forms of government—democracy, dictatorship, or anarchy—using the bears as examples. This offbeat yet useful government lesson will be one the kids will remember.

The Gummy Bear Book - Order and Chaos
Via The Gummy Bear Book

9. Gussy Up with Gummy Jewelry
Start a new fad with quirky gummy-bear baubles—bracelets, earrings, and rings. These candied accessories make great gifts for the eccentric friend in your group who wears all the colors of the rainbow.

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