A Gift Guide For The Sunniest Time of Year Summer Steals

Here are our picks to maximize summertime fun-time:

1. First thing’s first. Before you embark on your dream vacation, you have to pack. Get to the airport on time by planning ahead with our Pack This! Pad ($6.50).

2. A summer road trip is simply incomplete without a car-game or five. Our On-the-Go Game Pad ($9), featuring classic games such as Hangman, Categories, and Dots and Boxes, will keep you happily occupied on lengthy journeys.


3. “Should I listen to the voices in my head?” “Shall I get this tattoo?” “Am I in a cult?” These are the questions that haunt us on hot, sleepless summer nights. Perhaps the Inconsequential Dilemmas book ($16) can help you sort out your thoughts.


4. Stick it to the man this summer with our Office Citation Nifty Note ($4.50).


5. Let your guests document the wild success of your summer soirée for you with the Dinner Party Guest Book ($15)!


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