A Hearty (Custom) Pad for Eating Well Stock Up on Wholesome Items this Season

The Fresh Out Of Pad for Anthropologie.

You’re familiar with our mighty signature line, but did you know we also create custom goods, too? Since 2007, we’ve worked ever so closely with a variety of brands to design products that fit a retailer’s specific customer need and overall style. Of course, all our custom stuff is sprinkled with Knock Knock flair, as well as our distinct design sensibility and wit. We’re excited to share these products with you and hope you like them!

Fresh Out Of Pad

Ripe fruit, crisp vegetables, full-of-flavor protein—oy, our stomachs are grumbling! Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with yummy, nutritious items by checking them off as they deplete with our Fresh Out Of Pad for Anthropologie.

The Fresh Out Of Pad features hand-drawn illustrations by artist Bjoern Altmann.


This helpful shopping list has a magnetic back for easy placement on your fridge, reminiscent of our All Out Of Pad, and features charming illustrations by London artist Bjoern Altmann. Plus, it hits all the healthy categories for your next trip to the store or farmer’s market.

Spotted the Fresh Out Of Pad at an Anthropologie in El Segundo, California.


Buy the Fresh Out Of Pad for yourself or a fellow food lover exclusively at Anthropologie.com or your local Anthropologie store.