A Special Wedding Proposal Inspired By Our Love Journal Fan Features

The cover of Eric's book, inspired by our What I Love about You ournal.

We’ve got butterflies in our stomachs just thinking about the short (and terribly sweet) story we’re about to share.

Enayat (who also goes by Eric) may like Knock Knock, but Enayat loves Shadia. He decided to pop the big question a few weeks ago, and was inspired by our top-selling What I Love about You Journal to tell Shadia exactly how he adores her.

He took the 50 prompts from our journal, redesigned and filled-them-in with sweetness and silliness, to create his own book to give her. He also asked us for permission to do this. (Shadia, looks like you’ve got a keeper!).

Inside his proposal book:

Reason #2.


Reason #5.


Reason #12.


Reason #25.


Reason #45.


The Last Page!


. . . She said yes! A big congrats to the happy couple!

“Thank you so much for allowing me to make this special moment even more special. You guys are awesome.” —Eric

No, Eric, you’re awesome. And thanks again for sharing your story with us! Who knew we could cultivate such love that lifts us up where we belong? Where the eagles cry on a mountain high? We’re like Cupid’s step-cousin.

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