Alexis Lowery, Graphic Designer! It’s Our “In It for the Money” Feature!

This is actually a typical day for me. Shane, our production manager, captures me in "the cube," where he shoots all of our product images. I, of course, am a product of loveliness.

For our weekly “In It for the Money” feature, we’ll be introducing you to the kick-ass Knock Knockers who make everything go, from creative to sales to logistics to . . . everything! Note—everybody answers the first five questions. After that, they have about fifteen wild-card questions from which to choose.

1. Name and title? Alexis Lowery, graphic designer (or “Alexis Is So Rad” on Words With Friends.)

2. Originally from? Painted Post, New York (right next to Corning, where they make the glass).

3. What the hell do you do all day? In a nutshell, I make things look pretty. I research, sketch, design, and redesign—stretching the limits of Knock Knock standards.

4. Favorite thing about working at Knock Knock? I finally have my own business cards (die-cut no less) and I don’t have to get on a freeway to get to work.

I was voted MVP by my dodgeball team, Beauty and the Beast Mode, and I also won $300 in a tattoo contest—all in the same night. (As you can see, my fingernails were painted green, foreshadowing my winnings.)

5. Favorite hobbies outside work? Dodgeball, lacrosse, decorating cupcakes, people watching, and naps.

6. Did your professional life exist before Knock Knock? If you consider expediting in a kitchen (running a kitchen) professional.

7. Pet peeves? Waiting and the iPhone’s autocorrect.

Waiting is my nemesis. (i.e., Disneyland, the happiest place on earth: how about calling it “stand around and wait for hours to ride five rides all day”? Whoever invented the Fastpass, please add me on Facebook.)

On autocorrect: sometimes I leave words spelled wrong because it’s funnier. I just tried to write, “I was butthurt.” iPhone’s translation insisted, “I was hermits”—not close. I also once got “cholo” instead of “churro.” It’s similar, but not really.

Also, I’m an overcommunicator. I call, text, email, and Facebook as much as I desire (and generally to excess). When other people don’t immediately respond to my endless musings, I get annoyed.

8. What’s currently in your music rotation right now? It varies (greatly). Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, AFI, Blaqk Audio, Volbeat, Mastodon, Alexisonfire, Alkaline Trio, City and Colour, Band of Horses, The Sounds, Bon Iver, and Blitzen Trapper.

9. Favorite website? My own ( and

10. Favorite Knock Knock product? Sticky Notes. I use them every day. Currently on my desk and in constant rotation when passing files to coworkers are I’m a Dork, Next Steps, Status Update, To Do, Nag Note, and when all else fails, Or Else.

A peek at my office space. Notice the variety of Pantone colors that line my computer screen. I also love cupcakes, but my desk’s cupcake looks like it’s hiding.

11. If you were granted one wish, what would it be? A kitchen in my studio apartment. Haha, ummm . . . if I got one wish, I would send my parents on an Alaskan cruise. They are the best . . . and maybe they’d take me with them. I would wear a (faux) fur hat with earflaps and check out some polar bears.

12. Favorite place to sit back and relax? My sister’s hammock on Cocles Beach, Costa Rica.

13. Food or drink you couldn’t live without? Cheese. I will not go into detail.