And To Think We Saw it On Abbot Kinney . . . A Peek Into Our Neighborhood

It’s just your typical busy day on Abbot Kinney.

Since last week was scattered with drizzles of rain, today’s cloudless, blue-streaked sky (the standard for our Venice locale) was just asking for us to go strolling for a little fresh air. So, on our lunch break, a few of us decided to walk down Abbot Kinney to Abbot’s Habit, a café and coffee hub.

On the way there, I came across little odd and ends that reminded me that yes, we are in Venice.

Here’s a little taste of my findings:

A quick shot of the daily hustle and bustle is above. However busy and trafficked it may seem (I mean, we’re still in Los Angeles), there’s still an aura of calmness.


I believe these ornaments have been up since October. Who wouldn’t want a string of what looks like Village People mermen? (FYI, I was kind of loitering.)

Enda King Men is a men’s boutique created by resident designer—you guessed it—Enda King and has been on Abbot Kinney since 2005. What with all of the window-shopping I do, I couldn’t help but notice this eccentric string of ornaments in their display.


A FAILE piece outside of POST NO BILLS. I feel like the rest of this caption should be in ALL CAPS.

I spotted this street art by FAILE, which is a collaboration between artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. This graffitied Pinocchio is one of many spray painted, poster-like masterpieces that live outside of POST NO BILLS, a go-to print shop. This Venice Pinocchio seems tougher than the Florence Pinnochio from the original story.


Linus Bikes.

Like other Venice residents, our head honcho is big on bike riding. And Linus Bikes’ french-inspired designs look even better neatly in a row.

Zangara’s cowboy rainboots. Genius.

These cowboy rainboots sat on the steps of Zangara, a gypsy cart-esque clothing and accessories store. I could have used a pair of these western-inspired wonders last week.