7 Easy Ways to Keep in Touch with Long-Distance Friends

Ways To Maintain Long Distance Friendship - Knock Knock Blog

Learning how to keep in touch with friends lives in the annals of adulthood. It’s maybe not as detrimental as deciding to quit your job but takes priority over trying to guess your mom’s HBO GO password. These tips should help keep your best-friend status intact.

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6 Insta-worthy Moments from Mimosas in the Crafternoon Plus, A Crafty Gift-Bag Giveaway!

Robert Mahar Mimosas in Crafternoon
Robert Mahar shares a bit of history around the Paint-by-Number movement. Is that Knock Knock head honcho, Jen Bilik, to his right? Yes!

Knock Knock broke out the champagne (and orange juice) to celebrate our artsy collaboration with crafty jack-of-all-trades Robert Mahar. The collection includes Paint-by-Number Postcard KitsPersonal Award Ribbons, and new Gift Stamp and Tag Kits. We loved hanging out with local DIY mavens and fellow craft lovers, painting up a paint-by-numbers storm while enjoying tasty treats and savory eats. Here are highlights that will serve up some serious FOMO.

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5 Funny Flowcharts to Help You Make Very Important Life Decisions Don’t Trust Your Conscience, Trust These Flowcharts

Consequential Dilemmas Flowchart Dominate Pic

Life’s tough—we get it. Knock Knock has your back with flowcharts to help answer your burdensome (and not-so-burdensome) questions. Spend the next few minutes consulting these charts from Consequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts for Life’s Bigger Questions to gain some perspective, or at the very least, pseudoscientific results.

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