Check Out Our New Wall Decal Courtesy of Blik! It's Our "Show and Tell" Feature!

Our buddies at Blik are seriously the best. (A special shout-out to Blik’s co-founder and friend of Knock Knock, Scott Flora, for being exceptionally rad!)

A few weeks ago, they installed a customized Knock Knock wall decal on the business side of our office that spanned 18 feet and ¾ inches wide—all free of charge. Super generous of them, right? We thought so too!

Nick from Blik on the right. Blik spent an hour initially installing the Knock Knock wall signage in early May, but had to tear it down because the decal wasn't sticking to our textured wall. Kudos to the Blik team, though, for coming in a second time!


Nick (above) and Bobby (below) from Blik. We were in good hands.


Nick (above) and Erik (below) came in to finish the project. As you can see, this was not not the perfect job for someone afraid of heights.


Erik making the process look easier than it actually was.


The final result!


We sent the Blik peeps Knock Knock goodies and a card to thank them.


If you’ve never heard of Blik, now is the time to check out their array of wall art designs. Scott and his colleague, Blik co-founder Jerinne Neils, started the company in 2002—the same year our head honcho, Jen, established Knock Knock. So we’ve shared a kinship with them from the get-go (not to mention their office is a few streets away from Knock Knock headquarters). So do yourself a favor, and check out their stuff, peeps!