“How to Be Depressed” Comedy Show and Book Release Party A Night of Comedy that Made Us Cry—with Laughter

How to Be Depressed - Dana Eagle - Knock Knock Blog

Last week, we celebrated the release of How to Be Depressed: A Guide by comedian Dana Eagle with a night of stand-up, sketch comedy, and alcoholic beverages. It was an all-around, undepressing good time!

Dana performed on Los Angeles’s ACME Theater stage with a company of fellow stand-up comedians and friends. Comedians included Jackie Kashian, host of The Dork Forest podcast and Nerdist’s The Jackie and Laurie Show; the alternative comedy, “bitter Buddha” Eddie Pepitone, host of the Pep Talks podcast and whose comedy special In Ruins is on now Netflix; “self-help guru” Tommy Lama, and musical satirist Eric Schwartz. Also, actors Amy ScribnerJonathan Grey, and Sarah Allan performed book-inspired vignettes between each set, including sharing the “Perks of Being Depressed in Los Angeles.”

How to Be Depressed Event - Knock Knock Blog
A special poster on display outside the ACME Theater on La Brea Ave.
The Depression Code of Honor - Knock Knock Blog
At the start of the show, Dana (right) and her friends (left to right) Sarah, Jonathan, and Amy lead “The Depression Code of Honor,” an oath from the book.
How to Be Depressed Event - Knock Knock Blog
Everyone taking the oath—everyone!
How to Be Depressed Event - Dana Eagle - Knock Knock Blog
Dana onstage, walking us through her mental-health insights.
Eddie Pepitone - Knock Knock Blog
Do not heckle Eddie Pepitone—he already heckles himself.
How to Be Depressed Event - Knock Knock Blog
A huge thank you to all “How to Be Depressed” comedians! From left to right: Jackie Kashian, Eric Schwartz, Dana Eagle, Tommy Lama, Sarah Allan, Jonathan Grey, Amy Scribner, and Eddie Pepitone.

How to Be Depressed: A Guide is now available at the Knock Knock shop and Amazon.