Don’t Mess With Alexis . . . How to Prank a Prankster

. . . Or she will rain vengeance on you—using plastic wrap.

You may recall the “office rat” that our operations team enjoys placing in random areas around the office, like the bathroom, candy bucket, inside people’s belongings. (They also love pranking in general. Remember this bit?)

Anyways, last week, on our former designer Alexis’s last day, our director of operations decided to place our fake furry friend in Alexis’s bag. She got him back. Good.

With the help of an unnamed accomplice, whose face you can totally see in these pics, Alexis wrapped all of Gil’s stuff. Like of all of it.

So here’s a traditional and easy way to prank a prankster: wrap all of his or her belongings in cling wrap while the person is out at dinner.

Lots of wrapping going on. And look, Alexis left Gil a note.
The result. They even got his filing cabinet.
Alexis! We will miss you and your mischievious ways.