Drawn to Music on Cool Hunting

We’re so happy to see Nathaniel Russell’s Drawn to Music notepad featured on Cool Hunting, a site with core principals that very much align with Plumb’s—“synonymous with seeking inspiration—our stories and videos highlight creativity and innovation . . .”

A tidbit from the piece:

“Each of the 50 blank pages has a space to jot down what song you listened to while the artistic vibes were flowing and, once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can cleanly tear the page off, frame it and start anew.”

The special poster inside Drawn to Music.
The special poster inside Drawn to Music.

Check out the full Cool Hunting feature here.

On a related note, here’s a peek inside the creative process behind Drawn to Music from Plumb designers, MacFadden & Thorpe:

“In our first conversation with him [Nathaniel], the subject of record packaging came up repeatedly. Nat is a musician, and a record collector, so music is a natural place of inspiration, and an important element to his artistic practice. So we set out to make a sketchbook in the form of a record cover, where you might note what you are listening to and reflect on how it colors your drawing.”