Enter the Epic Employee Prank Giveaway What’s the Best Practical Joke Ever Pulled in Your Office?

A result of pranking in the Knock Knock office.

April Fools’ Day is next week, and luckily for the office jokesters, it lands on a weekday. Before you get caught up in the prank wars—fake rats, air horns under chairs, and empty boxes of donuts (the most painful joke)—we want you tell us the best office prank that you’ve seen or experienced. You could win a Cubicle Guest Book and $25 worth of Knock Knock stuff to share with your fellow pranking pals. (And don’t forget to stock-up on ideas for payback this year, too!)

To enter:

  1. Read our giveaway’s official rules page.
  2. Submit a blog comment on this post explaining an epic prank you’ve experienced or pulled off yourself in the workplace.
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The giveaway starts today and closes on Monday, March 31—on April Fools’ Eve. We’ll choose a winner at random on April Fools’ Day.

Excited to read your entries!


  1. Our administrative assistant, who is also the first-point-of-contact in our office, went to Hawaii for a week in the middle of winter. She was sending us photos of the tropics all week so, the day before she came back, we wrapped everything on her desk in foil – her monitor, her keyboard, her stapler, her pens and pencils, her paperclip holder, her file folders, and all her little knick-knacks and tchotchke. We wrapped the entire desk itself in foil. We wrapped her chair in foil. And with the last little bits of foil, we built a snowman that was holding a foil sign that said “Welcome home!” and it sat in the middle of her desk, eagerly awaiting her arrival. It took her all week to find and remove all the foil. It was awesome.

    — Erin Norvell on
  2. Ooh… well, back in the dot com bust days as things were crashing down around everyone, one of our co-workers went on vacation on what happened to be the very week we got rid of most of the cubes. When he got back, he found his little cube in the middle of a huge, open room, surrounded by EVERY PLANT IN THE BUILDING. We had made a huge jungle around his cube.
    He kept it that way for a long time… I mean, who doesn’t want to work in a jungle?!?

    — Danielle Vincent on
  3. So the weekend before my birthday I donated my hair to Locks of Love. The next week I got a letter in the mail saying my hair was rejected due to high levels of THC. Also enclosed was a hand-written note signed by my co-workers. Epic birthday prank!

    — Erica on
  4. Most recently when a writer on my team went away to Las Vegas I built her a cardboard house on top of her cubicle. It was a joke around the office that she had put up a privacy shield at the same time that a new employee, Tim, started. I basically expanded her little privacy shield into a full blown home, complete with a door, window, mailbox, and everything. Here’s a video of her reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTkowVff638&list=UUQhWAbprjlRhk3rlAgH8S2A

    — Richard LaRue on
  5. Our tech guy really pulled a good one on our school clerk -he replaced her keyboard with one that had all of the letters/numbers/symbols removed. He also removed all of the ink cylinders from her pens so they looked fine but would.not.write! Finally, he traded her chair with one of the broken ones from the students’ computer lab so that every time she sat down, her chair would sink to the ground. He picks someone new pot prank each year. -Let’s just say I’ll be on my toes tomorrow!

    — eileen marie on
  6. So many great entries!

    — sara hartman on

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