Enter Our Coolest Place to Work Contest! How Does Your Office Measure Up?

1. Paco gives us high-fives, like all the time; 2. There are always free treats around.; 3. We play pranks on each other, and no one gets pissed.

We have fun at the Knock Knock office. We really do. While there are countless reasons, we can summarize them into three pictures (see above).

Also, if you heard the conversations that go on in this place, well, you’d know where all the funny from our product comes from.

How about you? You think your office beats ours? Then enter our Coolest Place to Work Contest, because we want to know what it’s like in your shoes.

One selected winner person will get this prize pack:

Is your office worthy of this prize?

Another Meeting Pad

Corporate Flashcards

Your Attention Please Jumbo Sticky Notes

Office Speak Rotating Stamp

To enter:

1. Read our contest’s Official Rules page.

2. Submit the following via email to blog@knockknockstuff.com:

• An essay in 100 words or more, telling us why your office/company is the coolest place to work at.

• A photo taken at your office, showcasing why your office/company is the coolest place to work at.

3. Include your first name, age (as of contest start date), name of your company, hometown, and email address in your entry.


This contest ends 11:59 p.m. PST on Tuesday, January 22nd.

May the coolest (best?) office win!