Ethan’s I Can’t Sleep Journals Fan Features

Ethan's I Can't Sleep Journal collection.

One of our lovely Facebook “Followers,” Martin from the London, wrote us a special note about his son that melted our hearts into one big goop on the floor:

“Hey Knock Knock. One year ago from today, I came back to London from a business trip to Canada with a copy of the I Can’t Sleep Mini Inner-Truth Journal for my kid, Ethan [he’s 9 years old]. Since then, he’s written in his journal every single night (except one, which he regrets very much) and I’ve had to go far and wide to get more copies. Because only I Can’t Sleep will do. Thanks for making a great thing.”

We’re impressed that Ethan’s a top-notch journaler at such a young age. His collection of journals already shows his diligence, persistence, and flourishing writing skills!

Thanks again for the great story, Martin. And keep on scribbling your thoughts, Ethan!

UPDATE: Because Ethan’s an inspiration for journalers out there (including us), we’re sending him 10 copies of the I Can’t Sleep Journal for his future collection. Thanks again for being a journaling marvel, Ethan!