Everybody Take A Freaking #artbreak Already

How did we all get this busy? It’s embarrassing, really. We all have coping mechanisms for dealing with the constant flood of stupid stuff in our lives. Some people eat chocolate or buy sneakers online. Other people play drums really loudly or swim to Alcatraz. I’m not a strong swimmer, so I’ve settled on drawing.

Drawing is the one place in my life where everything makes sense, even when I have no idea where a drawing is going. I draw everywhere I can: over breakfast with my daughter, at my studio, at the DMV, in meetings, on the phone, and on planes. I draw whatever I feel like on whatever paper I feel like whenever I feel like. It’s my one source of total freedom where nobody else gets to have an opinion. And it makes the other stuff way more tolerable. Without it, I’d probably have to get a drum kit for the basement. Which would no doubt piss off my already angry neighbor.

This month we are starting a new campaign to encourage people everywhere to take a break and make something for a few minutes. I don’t care if you think you can’t draw or you are “just so busy” or you don’t have the right pen. Just try doodling or sketching or writing on whatever paper is nearby. You don’t need a Plumb notebook to do it. And you don’t have to save it or even admit that it feels good. You can say your kid did it if you don’t like it. Even if you don’t have a kid. Just try it and post it online somewhere using #artbreak. Do it in a meeting. Do it on a train. Do it at the beach or in a taxicab. Do it with your eyes closed. We will counter the flood of our busy days with a sea of meaningless doodles.

I know yoga is good for you and exercise is important and meditation can solve traffic jams. But I like drawing. And sneakers.


Share your #artbreak sketches, doodles, and musings on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by uploading an image and tagging the post with #artbreak.

Plumb has partnered with 826 National, the celebrated nonprofit that provides under-resourced students aged six to eighteen with inventive programs to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. Plumb will donate $1 to 826 National for every Instagram photo, Facebook post, and Twitter tagged #artbreak, up to $2,500.

Are you a blogger who’s interested in featuring #artbreak on your blog? Contact us at info@plumbgoods.com to chat more about the importance of #artbreak and how you can win a prize Plumb package for one of your readers.

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  1. We got tired of drawing by ourselves, so we invented a company where drawing is the main force of bringing people together. Check out or Drawing in the Park event.. https://www.facebook.com/thedrawbridgehailey

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