Farewell to Our Design Intern, Megan! We will miss you so!

Our favorite redhead.

Our first design intern in a very long time, Megan, is leaving us today to go back to San Diego for fall classes (we guess those are important). We’re going to miss her talent and upbeat personality. To get her back for deserting us, we made her answer a few pre-departure questions.

  1. What were your duties at KK? Most recently, I helped lay out Knock Knock’s Spring 2012 Look Book [that’s our catalog before the catalog, for advance product showings]. I also helped design pieces for a top-secret new Knock Knock product line, made color palette decisions, researched and compiled potential illustrators for upcoming projects, and organized and catalogued Knock Knock’s font library—a 4,715-font endeavor. Typically, I collaborated with the our VP of brand development, Trish, and the other KK designers and jumped in on projects wherever I was needed—and as a result I’ve been lucky enough to work on all different kinds of things this summer.
  1. What did you like most about the position? The insane amount of knowledge I gained in one short summer. Seeing firsthand how Knock Knock conducts business was incredible and eye-opening.
  1. What will you miss about working at KK? The people! Seriously, what a talented and hilarious bunch.
  1. Favorite memory from your time at KK? Besides working in such an inspired and progressive work environment? The fierce dinosaur debates with Shane (production manager) and Brad (senior designer). We’re still wondering who would win in an air duel* between a tylosaurus and a terror bird. Look those dinosaurs up—they’re terrifying.

*Air duel: when two dinosaurs (one water-dwelling, one flightless and land-bound) are dropped out of a plane at the same time.

Megan is also an artful photographer with a keen eye. Check out her Flickr or follow her Tumblr.