Father’s Day Gift Ideas What Should You Get Dad?

It’s almost time to universally celebrate all the fathers out there. (Even though it seems like Mother’s Day just happened.) This year, give your dad the gift of organization, in Knock Knock form.


1. Takeout Menu Organizer. If he’s a great cook, he’ll enjoy using the What to Eat Pad. If he’s on the other side of the kitchen spectrum, this organizer can help arrange his “recipes” accordingly.


2. WTF Desktop Pad. For those WTF moments at the office. It also technically means “Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,” right?


3. Rotating Stamp. Allow our stamp, from our Office Speak collection, do all the talking.


4. I Was Going To But Chocolate Bar. It’s almost like flowers, only you can enjoy eating it.

5. Crap Pad. For all of the crap he has to put up with.

Finally, our How to Traumatize Your Children book is the present for all the new dads out there.  Incredible Things thinks it’s neat too.

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