What’s Your Favorite Food? Tell Us! Enter to Win a New Knock Knock Pad + $25 Worth of Stuff!

Have you seen our newest pads? They’re illustrated (by London designer Bjoern Altmann), in a tip-top horizontal shape, and ready to help you out this year.

Want one for yourself? Then you should definitely enter our latest giveaway. The prize: one of these pads of your choosing, plus $25 worth of Knock Knock stuff!

To enter:

1. Please read our contest’s official rules page.

2. Take a look at the new All Out Of Pad and Fresh Out Of Pad. Submit a blog comment with your favorite food item that’s listed on either of these pads.

3. Our blog commenting system has changed slightly! To leave a comment, please enter your name, email, and a message.

The giveaway starts today and closes at 11:59 PT on Monday, January 27.

Enter away!


  1. I’d have to say bread is my favorite food (especially homemade, warm…) But, had chocolate been on one of the pads, that would be a close second 🙂

    — Sue Carmichael on
  2. Yogurt and cereal! We always write in mango.

    — tzivia goldfein on
  3. Eggs! Scrambled, over easy or covered in cheese, they make the world go round.

    — Sarah on
  4. My favorite thing from the ‘All Out Of’ pad is MEAT! Bacon, steak, sausage, oh my!

    — Keri B. on
  5. Pet needs

    — Leigh Ann James on
  6. pineapple

    — Marilyn L on
  7. my favorite food is on the “fresh out of” list- asparagus

    — jaimee wood on
  8. butter

    — kathy harmon on
  9. BEER!!!!

    — Missy Donaldson on
  10. I love chicken!

    — Susan on
  11. peanut butter! my least favorite food item to run out of!

    — brittany o on
  12. These are so cute. Like the white pad more and reminds me I am fresh out of bananas –

    — Olivia Rubin on
  13. Definitely WINE! X

    — Lucy Halligan on
  14. Can I enter again? It’s worth a shot….WINE! : ) x

    — Lucy Halligan on
  15. Oh darn! Does WINE count as food? If not, I am changing my entry to bananas : ) x

    — Lucy Halligan on
  16. Oranges 🙂

    — Karen on
  17. My fav food is bread any kind. Honestly all hell breaks loose if there is no bread in the house.

    — Leslie De Jesus on
  18. Fish (sticks) Lots and lots of Fish (sticks).

    — Patti Bolin on
  19. Peanut butter is my favorite! These are really cute grocery lists

    — Emily Njus on
  20. I spy sweet potatoes. That’s definitely my favorite food on there–healthy AND yummy!

    — Bryce on
  21. My favorite fruit on the “fresh out of pad” is pineapple!!! What neat, new designs! 😀

    — Sarah Espinosa on
  22. Mozzarella!

    — Karen on
  23. Toms for sure! aka tomatoes

    — jody on
  24. I love quinoa and grapes!

    — Bo on
  25. Peanut butter…can’t live without it!!!!

    — Pam on

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