What are your Favorite Holiday Traditions? Team Knock Knock Gives the Lowdown

Sara's Family and Friends - Holiday Tradition

1. “My favorite holiday tradition is that my family goes around the dinner table and each person shares what they’re thankful for. We’ve done this at Thanksgiving and Christmas the last ten years (and most holidays and dinners in between, too). Sometimes tears are shed, but mostly it’s ‘awws’ and ‘oh, sweeties’ mixed with laughter and smiles. Attached is our table of sixteen guests from Thanksgiving this year—we went around and everyone participated! A mix of friends, and family, it was very special.” –Sara, e-commerce manager (pictured above)

2. “As a Jew, you grow up with a Christmas inferiority complex. As a single woman without children who doesn’t really like to hang with her extended family, you begin to develop your own traditions. I love walking the dog to the deserted Venice Boardwalk on Christmas Eve. There’s nobody there, which happens almost never, and it’s cold and dark, which is unusual, and there’s something terribly romantic about it in a sort of melancholy way. Then on the walk home I indulge my architectural voyeurism and peep into people’s windows to see their Christmas trees and family tension.” –Jen, head honcho

Dog Walk on the Venice Boardwalk
3. “I’m not officially in holiday mode until I’ve eaten latkes, put up our sparkly aluminum tree, and gotten dorkily excited about other people’s Christmas lights.” –Rebecca, assistant editor

Rebecca's Family
4. “I always go to midnight mass with my family, which doesn’t seem that wacky or fun or even interesting, but it’s our annual thing. Another tradition is pinching and slapping myself in the face during mass to try and stay awake.” –Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator

Mel's Family
5. “My newest (and now favorite) holiday tradition is to decorate this year’s tree with photos of my ancestors and family members, a true ‘family tree.’ The best part is pulling out all the photos with my daughter—there have been some real gems so far but we’re only on box 3 of 15, so I think this tradition has some longevity into the future.” –Mia, design director

Mia's Family Tree
6.  “Three words: Panettone. Toasted. Butter.” –Janet, marketing designer

7. “My family has an unofficial tradition. Every Christmas, we say we’re going to set a price limit on gifts ($15, $20, $25, depending on the year). Every year, we break it. However, last year my sister (who was in grad school and on a tight budget) gave my brother, my boyfriend, and me multiple boxes of really good sugar cereal—like, the kind we were never allowed to have as kids (Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, etc.). This was the best Christmas present EVER, and I’m hoping she’ll repeat it.” –Kate, editor

8. “Every year at midnight on New Year’s Eve, my parents and grandparents throw coins and dollar bills in the air and everyone wrestles each other to ground to get the most cash. It’s nothing but screaming and laughing. I love it. The next day me, my brother, and our cousins use the money to watch a movie together or go go-kart racing.” –Jill, marketing assistant

Jill's Family
Go Kart Fun
What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Tell us in a comment below!