5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For You . . . With Cats!

Please note: We were going to write the standard “check out these stocking stuffers” post, but then we asked ourselves, “What do people really care about? What do people truly want to see?” This is the result.

Our products make great stocking stuffers for your family, friends, and acquaintances. But don’t take it from us—take it from these cool kitties!

1. Tweets & Status Updates for All Occasions. As the youngster of our Lines for All Occasions books, this one is chock-full of fresh posts for the social media buff who can’t seem to stop hashtagging their life away. A little insider’s info: Meredith, one of our writers and editors who wrote the bulk of the book in three months, said the hardest part of the process was finding tweets related to the weather. (But her favorite part was looking up celebrity tweets!)


2. 100 Hugs Tickets. A booklet filled with 100 tickets (hence the name) is perfect for a quick, hand-off present. (But be sure you’re the receiver of the coveted golden ticket!)


3. High Five Nifty Note. This mighty Nifty Note is great for gifting to your group of buddies. Make sure they tear, share, and spread the compliments.


4. WTF Stamp. Have your loved ones remember this holiday season with three letters that say it all. Keep calm and stamp on.


5. Slang Flashcards. Who can resist up-to-date colloquialisms? Your colleagues will think you’re hella fresh.