Gray Sweaters and Cardigan Wearers, Unite . . . . . . Because it’s Monday!

The Knock Knock Long-Sleeved-Gray-Sweaters-and-Cardigans Squad (from left to right): Chelsea, manufacturing coordinator; Carolyn, VP of sales, Trish, VP of brand development; Rex, e-commerce manager; Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator.

We understand that Mondays can be glum.

That’s why the Knock Knock Long-Sleeved-Gray-Sweaters-and-Cardigans Squad is here to wish you a “Happy” Monday. (Notice we took this pic in front of Carolyn’s gray car—it’s most fitting.)

Okay, so a few of us just so happened to wear similar-looking tops on the same day. But remember that day we all wore plaid? Who knew that Knock Knockers were so wardrobe-synced?

On a side note, I came across this website breaking down the differences between “gray” and “grey” (hint: usage depends on geographic location), and it overall seems to be a page dedicated to the color. Why it’s necessary? Beats me.