Happy National Cat Day! Meet Our Team’s Feline Friends

Coop, there he is! Coop, there he is!

It’s National Cat Day, a day to celebrate the felines who love us (or in some cases, have pure apathy for us). We stopped ourselves from showing our favorite cat videos, which would’ve taken at least forever to get through. Instead, meet our cat besties:

1. Name: Gerald “Coop” Cooperberg (see above)

Belongs to: Katie, assistant to the publisher

Age: 3 1/2 years old

About: A few months ago, I was able to adopt Coop through a friend of a Knock Knock employee. Coop enjoys meowing, jumping and twirling in the air to catch his toys, and cannonballing onto the bed in the middle of the night. He likes his catnip dry, not fresh, and prefers large cardboard boxes over regular cat furniture and toys. He hates hugs, but he loves being scratched under his chin and right behind his ears. Watch out ladies: he bites toes.

2. Name: Sherman Alexie, the Native American poet and screenwriter aka Sherman aka Buddybear Maurice

Belongs to: Janet, marketing designer

Age: 8 years young

About: Stylish, special, beautiful. A non-smoker who loves to laugh. This 15 lb. loverboy is always up in our grills, meowing, and wanting some respect . . . or chicken-flavored treats. Shermy’s signature moves: assuming meatloaf position and sunbathing in the window, attacking and eating unsuspecting flowers, peeking around corners, sleeping with his head on a pillow, wandering casually into piles of laundry, and falling asleep face-first in a lap. This morning, he crawled into a bathroom drawer and disappeared the back way into the cabinet next to it so he could hang out on a soft pile of toilet paper.

“Come on and put on the hat, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.”


3. Name: Milly

Belongs to: Grace, social media and marketing intern

Age: 6 years old

About: Milly was born on the streets of Brooklyn and she has an attitude to prove it. She enjoys sitting in the bathtub under running water, scratching (and destroying) sentimental pieces of furniture and art. She also loves tuna. The only thing in life she shows real enthusiasm for is the sound of a can opener.

Milly really doesn’t like social media.


4. Name: Captain Daenerys Phoebs Tonks Bluth

Belongs to: Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator

Age: 1 year and 4 months

About: Dany is fairly quiet, but mimics the sound of a whining baby when she wants to get your attention—be it an invitation to your room at 3 a.m. or while you cook chicken. Above all things, this kitty loves to hunt, play fetch, catch hair ties, and could run around for hours and hours if she wanted to. Don’t be fooled by her regal mane though. Dany likes her territory and makes it known. Backpacks, beanbags, bed sheets and comforters, boxes, and whole couches have played victim to Dany’s liquid scent. To check out more of Dany’s daily happenings, “Follow” her Tumblr!

“I promise I won’t pee on your bed this time, mom. I promise.”


We come by an array of friendly cats around our Venice locale. Here are a few of our buddies:

This is Charlie. He likes to roll around.


This is Bengal cat. This kitty is very cute and very purry.


Another favorite friend in Venice.


Even more cats! (That’s Charlie on the bottom left!)


This National Cat Day, let’s not forget our pet pals nationwide who are up for adoption and looking for a good home. Check out Petfinder.com to get started.

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