Happy National Dog Day! Meet Our Team’s Pups!

“I’m squinting! I can see my eyelashes when I squint! . . . I should probably wear shades.”

Today is National Dog Day, a day to celebrate our loyal companions (and sneak them an extra treat). You know we’re huge pet lovers here at Knock Knock, so we would like to introduce you to our team’s canine compadres:

1. Name: Lucy (featured above)

Belongs to: Sara, e-commerce manager

Age: 7 ½ years old

About Lucy: Lucy has many special talents, including howling to mimic passing fire engines. She is a Belgian Sheepdog/Border Collie mix, so she is really good at herding—mainly other dogs and humans at dog parks. She’s a classy lady!

2.  Name: Paco

Belongs to: Jen, head honcho

Age: 6 years old, but turning 7 on 9/3/13.

About Paco: Paco is a regal goofball. He plays at being elegant and sophisticated but there’s always an undercurrent of his true goofball character, making for a compelling embrace of opposites. He is a snugglepuss and a lover, with a fantastic and often unintentional sense of humor. He is game for anything, always eager and ready to go. He is my boy. I love him.

This (very lightweight and pushable) chair has been here forever. The other day, Paco decided to squeak behind it and, due to dogs’ difficulty backing up and his delicacy around moving furniture or pushing ajar doors open, actually got stuck. Moral of the story? Sometimes we get ourselves stuck for no good reason. Also, it’s helpful to be able to go into reverse.


3. Name: Ellie

Belongs to: Paul, assistant manager of operations and customer service

Age: 1 year old

About Ellie: Likes: long walks; dislikes: putting on her leash.

Likes: car rides; dislikes: sticking her head out of the window.

Likes: playing fetch; dislikes: letting go of the ball.



4. Name: Sandro (short for Allesandro)

Belongs to: Arnold, publicist

Age: 8 years old

About Sandro: Sandro was named after a street in Echo Park. It’s a major cross street in the neighborhood where we lived when we first got him. We were driving home from the shelter and looking at street sign names, when my boyfriend, Sean, said, “Allesandro,” as a joke, and I said, “That’s it, SANDRO!” It stuck ever since. However, I have like 30 other names for him: “Bubby,” “Buddy,” “Papa.” and “Kiki.”

Puppy power!


5. Name: Weil Elsa Vom Fleischerheim (seriously). Known as Elsa, and occasionally Pudding.

Belongs to: Jamie, editor at large

Age: 12 years old

About Elsa: Elsa has always comported herself quite regally, even when she jumps in the pool to swim. She has a surprisingly dainty dog-paddle for such a big dog.

Elsa squared.


6. Name: Muffin

Belongs to: Rosie, accountant

Age: 12 years old

About Ellie: I adopted Muffin in 2006 from my sister in-law (she named her), and she’s a very intelligent and sweet dog. She loves to beg for food, can jump super high for any treat, and loves to travel. Muffin is a great passenger and really enjoys sightseeing. She’s actually traveled to Japan, Mexico and all over California. One of her favorite destinations is Lake Tahoe, but mostly she enjoys the comfort of a nice plush bed. She’s a great dog and I love her warm and kind eyes.

What a begger!


7. Name: Toby

Belongs to: Kate, editor

Age: Just turned 9 years old

About Toby: He’s a real pop cultural artist, quite postmodern. Very big in Japan. Has his own variety show there, the Toby Show. Seriously, though, Toby is the best dog ever, but he does have an eating disorder. (More binge than purge.) Most recently, he ate a chocolate cake with toothpicks stuck in it, then the next day had a whole container of pig-skin chewies.

“Just because the muffins are missing why you gotta look at me like that?”


This National Dog Day, let’s not forget our pet pals nationwide who are up for adoption and looking for a good home. Check out Petfinder.com to get started. (We’re virtually toasting to you in advance.)

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