Here’s How to Get Out of Your Current Funk Right Now


When you lose your lover, your job, your lease or even just feel stuck in a rut, it can be hard to see the positive side and get your groove back. Rather than talking, talking and talking some more, the best way to scoot your blues to the curb is to take action. After all, action quiets the mind and kick-starts a new, uplifting chain of events. So shake off that funk by taking on small but mighty challenges. It’ll help turn your adversity into awesomeness.

Here are some ways to bounce back to spectacular (based on challenges from The Bounce Back Stack). Or, use the Bounce-Back Generator below for more tips!

1. Banish All Traces
Put your current dilemma out of sight and out of mind. If it’s an ex you’re trying to forget, de-friend them on social media, trash old photos, and hide or sell past love mementos. If it’s a job, burn your business cards and toss that team-building t-shirt! The items you choose to keep around reflect your reality; so don’t let the past creep into your future.

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2. Start a New Hobby
Pick something you’ve always wanted to try—and do it! No excuses. It could be glass blowing, dumpling-making, or even extreme ironing (yes, it’s a thing!)—indulge your passion and curiosity. Not only will you lose yourself in your new obsession, you’ll form new patterns of association, ones that have nothing to do with your ex-lover, ex-boss or ex-friend. And you’ll meet new people. Bonus!

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3. Show Yourself Some Love
During any time of grief, your self-confidence takes a hit. Make time to reverse the damage and shower yourself with love. Follow the “self-care isn’t selfish” mantra and do what that makes you feel good. Pamper yourself with a manicure, binge a show, or splurge on a concert. Think of it as your ultimate date from sun up until sundown. And remember, red lipstick and capes always do wonders.

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4. Scare Yourself
When you take on overwhelming, nerve-racking challenges, you awaken an inner fire that has laid dormant for far too long. Boost your confidence and do something daring, like take a trapeze class, try stand-up, or enter a strenuous marathon. The point is to push yourself to where you’re forced to drum up your inner pizzazz.

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5. Fall In Love with Your Friends
While your efforts should be focused on creating new adventures, now’s also the perfect time to reconnect with old friends—perhaps those you may have lost touch with. Host a party with a twist; dress-up in 1950s garb, taste-test different wines, start a tabletop game night—whatever it is, commit to it with gusto and flair and make some serious memories!

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Need more tips? Take the Bounce Back Generator for a spin:

Annabel Acton is the author of The Bounce Back Stack: A Deck of 30 Challenges to Get You Back to Spectacular and founder of Never Liked It Anyway—the eBay for breakups. She has appeared in the NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Glamor and more. She also writes about innovation for Inc, Forbes, and Huffington Post.

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  1. Know that the times of sadness, inertia and “funk” are a really normal part of life. There is nothing wrong with you, and it’s important to have times of reflection to process big and small changes in life. Give yourself plenty of grace, and reach out and ask for help when you need it. Don’t just suffer in silence – do something to help yourself out the funk you are in, whether it’s getting extra self-care, making space for yourself to process, getting professional help, or seeking out more fun and creativity in your life.

    — Dee on

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