Win It: “The High Five Handbook”! The Secret Guide to Shakes, Bumps, Slaps, & Other Gesticulations

The High Five Handbook Giveaway

Sharpen your high-five skills with our newest book, The High Five Handbook: The Secret Guide to Shakes, Bumps, Slaps, & Other Gesticulations, written by the Hand & Knuckle Society, a clandestine group who believes in the power of the pound and the significance of the shake. What a sad world it would be with no waves, nods or hugs!

The High Five Handbook shares step-by-step instructions for over 70 gestures, like “The Skater Slap Bump” (a rite of passage for skaters) and “The Fresh Prince of Five” (a Side Five that flows into a lean back with a snap). Plus, it features the fascinating histories, stories, and scientific facts behind each shake, bump, and slap—fodder for water-cooler chats!

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Giveaway ends Tuesday, May 3. See official rules for details. Ten winners will be chosen.

Sending you virtual high-fives for good luck.