Highlights from #Artbreak

Photo by Jimmy Thompson. Sketching inside Katherine Bradford's Titanic Sketchbook.

It has been so refreshing to see all the #artbreak pics streaming in from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook this summer. From the smorgasbord of lovely meeting doodles and beautiful sketches to roaming haikus and even an entire American flag made of pex pipe, you all have shown that creativity has no limits. Out of the hundreds and hundreds we’ve seen so far, here are a few #artbreak posts that caught our eye. In no particular order:

1. Artist Leigh Wells: “I always draw during jury duty to keep myself from feeling too trapped in the horribleness and boredom of it all. I tend to also do this kind of drawing on planes, in airports, etc. The problem with doing this, and not sketching during more pleasant times (like glamorous trips abroad), is that I end up with mementos of some pretty boring experiences . . .”

2. SoulPancake:

3. 826National:

4. @fanntastics:

5. Plumb artist Nathaniel Russell:
6. Our marketing assistant Jill’s sketch of Nathaniel Russell:
7. Artist Wendy McNaughton:

8. Plumb Artist Tucker Nichols:

9. Knock Knock head honcho, Jen Bilik:

10. Surfer and artist Keiron Lewis:

11. Graphic designer Erika:

12. Origami by @Jen_Loy:


13. E-comm manager, Sara:

14. Editor-at-Large Jamie:

15. @emilie__c:

Check out all #artbreak posts here. And don’t forget to tag your masterpieces—we’re donating $1 to 826 National for every post tagged #artbreak. Thank you to everyone who has taken an #artbreak so far. Keep them coming!