Important Announcement About Knock Knock Head Honcho Hello for April 2012

Every once in a while, the time comes when nothing but a paradigm shift will suffice in charting the future of a company. For Knock Knock, I’m excited to say, that time has come. For ten years now we’ve been toiling in the salt mines of wit and clean, contemporary design (of course, sometimes with a retro flair). When I launched Knock Knock, in 2002, I was motivated in part by the fact that the commercial world had grown increasingly homogenized. Everything was designed for the lowest common denominator and it appeared to be illegal to have one’s own voice, especially in something for sale in the marketplace.

How gorgeous is this sky, and the sense of accomplishment one gets from standing on a not-quite-summit? Plus a simile about icebergs. I don’t know if we can achieve this kind of excellence, but we’re certainly going to try.

A thought that drove me in starting Knock Knock (other than not to suffer any clients) was that there had to be enough smart people in the world to support a small paper products company founded on the strength of the written word and good design. I was right, and it’s been an amazing run of blood, sweat, paper cuts, and success.

Now, however, when I look around at tradeshows, in boutiques, at Target, on, all I see is voice. I see snark, I see humor, I see self-referentialism. A clean, bold contemporary design sensibility is almost the default setting now. I’d like for Knock Knock to take credit for this sea shift, and perhaps we are a small part of it (I am certain, for example, that the proliferation of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank humor was inspired by us), but responsibility doesn’t matter here. What matters is staying ahead of the game and distinguishing ourselves from crowd.

We don’t know who Brandon is, but we also miss his morning snuggles. How sweet are those hearts?

Today that means something very different from what it meant in 2002. It means a return to bunnies, bows, and cursive. It means swallowing our pride and using Papyrus, Comic Sans, and Remedy. It means being earnest and sometimes rhyming. It means poor typesetting. It means writing “everyday” when what we really mean is “every day.” But most of all, it means very little.

I have to say, I’m slightly relieved that we’ll be making this shift. It’s exhausting being smart and funny all the time. It’s eye-strain inducing to be kerning letters to set them just so. It’s frustrating having brainstorms and coming up with so little with which to continue making our mark.

I would like all of you to know how proud I am of what we’ve done over these years, when what we were doing was still original and unique (in our future incarnation, we will say “very unique”). We are most grateful to you, friends of Knock Knock, for embracing us in all of our experimentation. But just because we’re changing doesn’t mean we won’t still be thinking of you. It just means we’ll be thinking of you in shades of purple, embossed cursive, and maybe a dash of glitter.

We would also like to make a return to the handcrafted. This blue dog, hand modeled from dog hair, lint, and old phonebooks, is eco-friendly as well as cute. Such an inspiration!


OMG, so kewt.


We still plan to keep the fun in functional, as with this rainbow of sand pails. They tote and they put a smile on your face!


As you know, we’ve tended to shy away from photography in favor of vector art and illustration. What a missed opportunity! Our twist will be in the context and substrate, like this photo on an actual tapestry!


Affluent people tend to spend more money on products. Affluent people are more likely to have second homes. What does that mean? Signage! Plus cute embroider pillows and golf paraphernalia.


I can’t wait to spray some perfume on this stationary and write to my BFF.


Speaking of cute embroidered pillows . . . We’ve always loved a good pun, but now we’re going to embrace bad, trite puns as well. We’re inside ourselves with joy!


Finally, nothing we do in the future would be complete without the Bible. Did you know it’s the bestselling book of all time? Bible + affirmations + cursive + huge = the new Knock Knock.


What a great segue. With our new identity, it’s only fitting that we should end with a biblical reference: “And on the first day of the fourth month, God created April Fools.”