In Case You Can’t Find A Four-Leaf Clover . . . Great Gift of the Week

. . . Get lucky with these items instead1:

1. OMG Sticky Note


2. One Word A Day Journal


3. Drinks Are on Me Indelicate Doily Coasters


4. Comeback Nifty Note


5. Money Receiptables


And if we dare exercise a double entendre, you can “get lucky” with our Paper Pickup Nifty Note, Why I Must Get Drunk With You Pad, and Pickups and Come-Ons for All Occasions book as well.


1. These items don’t necessarily possess magical powers that’ll bring you instant luck. However, these products will induce moments of amusement and potential high-fives, while enhancing your life in a subtle way. Plus, each item is dominantly green and seemed optimally suitable for a St. Patrick’s Day post. So, you are welcome.