In It for the Money: Longtime Knock Knockers Remember When . . .

A few of us have stayed on team Knock Knock for the long haul these past ten years (besides Jen, of course). Patricia Rudolph, whose been a Knock Knocker since 2003, is one of those select individuals. In this special “In It for the Money,” we picked Patty’s brain on her time at Knock Knock.

A third of Patty at Knock Knock's first National Stationery Show.


1. Knock Knock title you had when you started: Director of Sales

    Knock Knock title you have now: Director of New Product Initiatives

2. What has changed the most over the time that you’ve been at Knock Knock? Sixteen new employees, additional office space, processes, published books, international presence, and key account relationships.

3. If you left Knock Knock in the past, how did you feel? Tell us about your departure. If you came back, tell us about that too!

I left Knock Knock when they we’re going through a period of logistical challenges to explore product development and manufacturing, which I also had an interest in.

I was always proud of Knock Knock’s continued rise in the marketplace, even as I watched from the outside. So during a phone call last spring, Jen and I realized that I could bring what I had learned about product development and sales and put it back into the Knock Knock mix. Now, I’m happy to say that I’m off and running again with Knock Knock. The creative energy across the company is energizing!

5. What are you proudest of during your time at Knock Knock? Expanding a nascent Knock Knock across the country and internationally.

Patty's fave Knock Knock ite. The Original Slang Flashcards came out in 2004.

6. What do you think would most surprise people about working at Knock Knock? You can swear as much as you want . . . for Christ sakes!

7. What’s the hardest part about working at Knock Knock? Being diligent about proper punctuation. Also, knowing the difference between ampersands and umlauts and hashtags and hyphens—oh my!

 8. What’s the best part about working at Knock Knock?  When we have direct orders from the head honcho to do things like check out Jon Hamm’s penis video.

9. What has surprised you the most about working at an entrepreneurial startup company? That a small group of talented individuals really can have an impact on a design trend, both nationally and internationally.

10. What’s your favorite discontinued Knock Knock product? Besides my nostalgic fondness for the Report Cards, I loved the first release of Slang Flashcards. The hysterical combination of the straight images and sentences peppered with current slang words made for fun selling, and I learned how to sound like a nerdy hipster.