In Novel Fashion Flotsam and Jetsam

New York Fashion Week is here and while we aren’t fashionistas in the slightest bit (FYI, the word “fashionistas” makes us cringe), we do appreciate and can’t deny the creativity that radiates from the runway.

We do, however, love all things books. And when fashion meets books—well, we’re in.

For example: recycled book purses.

Caitlin Phillips, the artist behind Rebound Designs, recycles damaged or discarded books into fashionable bags! The best part is no books are harmed, but rather rescued from dumpsters and library discards, and transformed into wearable art.


Here are five other fashionable accessories we think you booklovers may enjoy:

1. Book scarf. With fall just around the corner, this scarf makes it easier to cozy up with your favorite book.

Book scarf. Wrap it around your neck while you read. Or, unwrap it and read that instead—whatever floats your boat.


2. Book brooch. Since we’re already addicted to “pinning,” pin your favorite book on your clothing or messenger bag. It’s the perfect accessory to your accessory.

This isn't your seventy-five-year-old aunt's brooch. Or maybe it is.


3. Typewriter necklace. Whether you prefer to write down your thoughts in one of our journals or tap away on a laptop, we highly encourage you to record your brilliant thoughts. Wear this detailed necklace as a reminder of how important it is to vent it all out.

A tiny typewriter for your neck.


4. Book perfume. Nothing can really compare to the scent of a crisp new read! So stop being that weird book-sniffer at the back of every bookstore and get your hands (and neck) on this scent. We’re sure you’ll make all the e-readers jealous.

Perfume to make you smell like a new book, because god knows you don't want to smell like peonias.


5. Paperback wallet. This DIY wallet is great for channeling your inner craftsperson, or, at the very least, gain something from your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

DIY paperback wallet. Much cooler than duct tape.


Do you think any of these deserve a Fashion Citation? Share your favorite book-inspired garb in a comment below!