Inner-Truth Journals at Target! Featured Retailer of the Month

Inner-Truth Journals - Knock Knock Blog
Titles from our Inner-Truth Journal line are now available in Target stores for a limited amount of time: In My Humble Opinion, I'm Doing My Best, It's Gonna Be Okay, I Can't Sleep, and I'm a Parent? (not pictured).

The next time you’re browsing the aisles at Target, hang a right into the stationery section. A selection of our Inner-Truth Journals and Mini Inner-Truth Journals will be available for a limited time in stores. (Note: these journals are not available on

Mini Inner-Truth Journals
Mini Inner-Truth Journal titles currently available in Target stores: I Can’t Sleep, In My Humble Opinion, and My Pet Peeves.
Mini In My Humble Opinion - Knock Knock Blog
A quote to live by.

If you spot or “Share” a pic of  an Inner-Truth Journal, be sure to use hashtag #knockknockstuff.