Introducing: Sticky Moments by Knock Knock! What’s Your WTF Moment?

We believe life is full of sticky moments—from the intriguing to the absurd. Hence our new endeavor, Sticky Moments by Knock Knock! We’re building a gallery of submissions from fans like you, because we all know you’re chock-full of these particular moments and we would like to spread the funny.

Our most popular Sticky Note, the WTF Sticky, leads us to believe that there isn’t a simpler way to describe your daily befuddlement toward humanities’ oddities (and stupidity). So we’re jump-starting Sticky Moments by inviting you to submit your own WTF Moment today!

How do you do that? Just a few easy steps:

1. Type up your WTF Moment(s). They can be fresh or an oldie but goodie.
2. Submit it to
3. Check out the WTF Moments FB gallery to see if yours is featured, and read and “Share” other moments by fellow Knock Knock fans!
4. “Like” the Sticky Moments by Knock Knock Facebook Page, so you don’t miss a single moment.

Here are a few WTF Moments in the gallery so far:


Submit your moment today—we can’t wait to read it!