Jen Speaking at PubWest Conference Session: Object Value in an Electronic Age

Book publishing folks, take note: our head honcho, Jen, will be a keynote speaker at the PubWest 2013: The Innovator Publisher in Santa Fe, New Mexico next week!

Jen’s session is Saturday, Nov. 9—mark your calendars! More on her session:

Can Physical Trump Digital? Object Value in an Electronic Age

As digital technologies evolve, there’s no question that certain changes are not necessarily good or bad, but instead inevitable. Electronic devices will easily trounce printed matter in the competition for displaying type-only books. Publishers are in the process of transitioning to digital for most trade books, but are there any publications that can sustain their object value in physical, printed form? Contextualized in the history of technological innovation, Jen Bilik will characterize her company’s successful approach to creating gift books and other printed products rich in editorial content, always asking the question, “Is this better in digital or physical form?”

If you’re already going, don’t miss the PubWest award winners, including our Inconsequential Dilemmas book, which will be on display. The PubWest 2013 Conference is Nov. 7 through Nov. 9. Visit for more details and to register.


UPDATE 12/18/13: Beyond the Book, a podcast on the publishing industry, recorded Jen’s entire session here. Tune in!

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