Join Us for Social Media Blackout Day, 10/16/14 24 Hours of Logging Out and Living in Real Life Again

Social Media Blackout Day #SocialMediaBlackoutDay

We now spend at least 1 hour and 7 minutes a day on our social networks—that’s nearly 400 hours each year of our personal time, time that could be spent writing a book, learning to tap dance, or cooking a delightful dinner (without broadcasting it to the entire world). On October 16, 2014, we’re stealing our time back! We’ve joined forces with Marc Hartzman, author of our Anti-Social Network Journal, for Knock Knock’s first-ever Social Media Blackout Day!

For 24 hours, we’re logging off all social networks. Can YOU go a whole day without Liking, Tweeting, or Pinning? We challenge you!


  1. Change your profile picture to this image:
    Social Media Blackout Day Profile Pic #SocialMediaBlackoutDay
  2. Update your status to: “October 16 is #SocialMediaBlackoutDay and I’m unplugging for 24 hours. Join me!”
  3. If you think a friend needs a social break as well, tag them!
  4. Now here’s the real challenge—actually follow through. Stay off social media for 24 hours. We’ve dared you.

Check out our official Social Media Blackout Day site for ideas on what to do during your day “off”!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. We have definitely be overwhelmed by social media, especially FB starts to play video automatically. When I’m operating my biz, I always silence my phone, and prevent myself from going to fb or youtube with any means necessary

    — Si (Muse) Miao on

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