Prank Your Friends Back! Ideas for Payback Time

Stash a Douchebag Citation here, there, and anywhere.

Who here played the April fool this past week? Oy vey. We hear you. (Even though we technically pulled your leg, too.)

But don’t fret. Grab a fork and nosh on a tasty dish we like to call “revenge.” Here are a few ideas to help you get the punks who punked you:

1. Fill out and hide Douchebag Citations in his or her stuff. Hang one in the bathroom; tuck it in a glove compartment; put on their cat—just go to town! If “douche” is too strong of a word, we suggest the Passive-Aggressive Nifty Note.

2. Spit off some one-liners from our Insults & Comebacks for All Occasions book. See? We did the work for you.

Take a line from our “Insults & Comebacks” book.


3. Swap out his or her favorite deck of playing cards with the Fifty Farts Card Deck. Whoever plays with the cards next will get a nice, flagellant surprise.

Replace a regular deck of playing cards with Fifty Farts.


4. Cover his or her computer in Nag Note stickies. And don’t check-off “Thank You.”

Decorate belongings with Nag Notes.


5. If they really got you good, hand this Snow Globe to ’em. And using complete silence, kill them with kindness.

A Snow Globe for the ultimate pranker.


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What payback pranks do you have up your sleeve? Share in a comment!