What Was Your Spelling Bee Word? Enter our Knock Knock Spelling Bee Giveaway!

“Best of the Bee” from ESPN.


This contest is now closed.

Today kicks off the preliminary round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee—a.k.a. the annual competition starring kids who make us feel like our prepubescent years were filled with intellect and memory comparable to that of a tree branch.

Tell us your winning or losing word to enter to win your own deck of Big Word Flashcards!

Still, who isn’t a fan of all the obscure and irrelevant words the kids have to spell each year? These words tend to almost always relate to medieval garments or specific animal anatomy that Animal Planet would think sounds made-up.

But what can we say? We at Knock Knock love words, especially silly-sounding ones. And we created our own Big Word Flashcards to prove it.

Furthermore, it’s a wonder how all 278 young-adult participants don’t completely lose his or her cool in front of millions of viewers. Do you remember taking part in your own school spelling bee? Do you remember having the soft, sixth-grade limelight shine on you? Do you recall how hot your face felt while messing up the word “icicle” in front of your entire class, because you thought your teacher had initially asked you to spell “magazine”? (Or was that just me?)

A Big Word flashcard.

So, in honor of the Bee and its brave contestants, we are giving away one Big Word Flashcards deck to a friend of Knock Knock who shares his or her winning or losing word with us. Grade-school spelling bee winners can bask in nostalgia, while the rest of us can curse that losing word one last time.

To enter:

  1. Please read this contest’s Official Rules page.
  2. Tell us your grade-school spelling bee winning or losing word in this blog post’s comment area. You can comment using Facebook, Aol, Yahoo!, or a Hotmail account.

Note that we will choose the winner at random!

Contest starts today and ends Monday, June 4 at 11:59 p.m. Don’t d-e-l-a-y!